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FOUR SHOPPING CART DESIGNS โ€“ When on-site cart links are used, ExtendAzon 2.0 Review it puts an e-commerce style shopping cart on the website that works with Amazon affiliate links. ExtendAzon users get to pick from one of four cart designs to use. Version 1.0 offered a sidebar / widget based shopping cart that could be used anywhere a theme offered a widget location. Version 2.0 still has the widget but it now offers a full-page shopping cart and slide-out cart tabs. The full-page cart is similar to what you see on normal e-commerce websites, and this also comes with an optional cart icon widget that will give a summary and quick access to the cart page. The slide-out tab has a right and a left version, so you can choose where it will be located on your site.
AUTOMATIC CART UPSELLS โ€“ Anytime a visitor adds a product to the on-site shopping cart, ExtendAzon will automatically retrieve other products from Amazon that are commonly purchased with the selected item. Affiliate ads will then be generated for these items and shown to the visitor below the shopping cart. This uses the same system that Amazon uses to promote upsells on their website and now affiliates can have the same technology on their site too!
EASY TO CUSTOMIZE โ€“ ExtendAzon 2.0 features an extensively redesigned back-end administrator system that makes it easier for users to customize the plugin to their liking and to fit the overall design of their website. Help explanations are now built-in to make it simple for even a first-time user.
TWO LIVE COACHING CALLS โ€“ To ensure that all customers get the most out of this plugin, Ryan Stevenson will be hosting a total of two live coaching webinars for them. These will be in the first 10 days after the launch period, and recordings will be provided after they are over. In these live classes, Ryan will be teaching his personal tactics using ExtendAzon 2.0, helping new customers with questions they have about using the plugin,ExtendAzon 2.0 Review and even holding open Q&A sessions to make sure nobody is left sitting on a question.


ExtendAzon 2.0 Review-$40000 Bonus & Discount
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