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Content display options: Custom post type helps you focus on what is in its entirety, for example if you have a blog with custom post type name formula, The Evil Reddit Magician SPECIAL Review it is the best place for you post such recipes.

Enhance content management: If you are confused between the posts typically mixed into the post contains recipes when you go to the Posts -> All New Custom Post Type is for you to overcome this drawback by each custom post type will have a separate section for it similar to Posts, even including a classification format other content (like tag, which we should call it the Custom Taxonomies).

Enhancing usability: Imagine you have a lot of blog authors, normally, when you write articles frequently ordered another author when writing a blog post usually have to do this or the other in the writing. When writing about the recipes will do this or that, in the article, are discouraged. Custom Post Type But, you can preset queries its display in a different way to the post, just as one is a few simple steps they had a recipe all extremely professional . This is somewhat lengthy, appointment of another article will tell you in deeper.

Some practical examples to use Custom Post Type

Visit WPLift and you will find interspersed with regular entries are separate entries for the introduction Theme and Coupon. Then the author has to show this kind of 2 2 separate areas so that the reader can easily see. Then when clicking on each article, you’ll see how to format posts between Post, Coupon and completely different theme. Custom Post Type that is.


You can see on page 3 item FearlessFlyer main contents include Theme, Showcase and The Blog. Click on the layout view is different, different URL. That is the custom post type.

Or WPBeginer page, between the Deal and custom post type 2 Blog is completely different.

How to create a plugin Custom Post Type by

There are many plugins to create custom post type you can find out a lot when searching for keywords in the gallery custom post type WordPress plugin. But in this article I’ll use a plugin called Custom Post Type Maker, the reason is simply because it works well with WordPress 3.5.1 and complex theme like Thesis Headway or 2, more advanced options.


Once installed plugin Custom Post Type Maker, you’ll see a menu that appears on the left with the name and the Post Type. You click and select Post Type, continue to press the Add button to add a post New new type.


And here I will explain the parameters that you enter in here.


Custom Post Type Name: The name of the Custom Post Type. Note the name of the custom post type to be lowercase, no marks, no spaces. You can use the sign (-). For example, the curved-thuc


Label: The label shows the name of WordPress Custom Post Type Dashboard, like writing letters Posts in the menu that you or see it. You can write whatever. Example: Formula

Singular Name: The name for custom post describing this type. Example: Recipes

Description: A brief description for this custom post type. Example: Writing recipes.



Public: Display panel in WordPress Dashboard, so to True.

Rewrite Options

Rewrite: Allow applied permalink (static route) into this custom post type. So to True.


With Front: Apply external front-end. So to True.

Rewrite Custom Slug: static display path name on the custom path post this type. By default it will be displayed in the Custom Post Type the name of which you set above.

Front End Options

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